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is the title of my CD because I am fascinated by sand both as an element and as a symbol.
SAND is the element between water and earth.
SAND is attached to time like in a timing glass.
SAND is in Danish the opposite of false.
SAND rhymes with Jan - Schønemann

Throughout some 30 years of work as a musician and composer, there have been themes and moods that won’t let go. During the last year, I have been meeting with Christian Søgaard every Friday, so that together we could create the space to arrange and participate in the recordings of each other’s tunes.

The compositions I have chosen have, on the one hand, a common Nordic folk theme but are at the same time inspired and influenced by genres and currents that have been a significant part of my professional development. In working with the 13 tunes, I have strived for a sense of honesty and an authentic expression of what these musical themes in particular have meant to me and I sincerely hope that it can be heard. Most of the songs are in their original form, without the use of over-dubbing or heavy-handed editing in order to preserve the spontaneity.

It has been a great challenge and pleasure for me to work with these compositions, and I have a clear sense that this music is something that appeals to an adult audience that dares to dwell in the ambience and flow. I feel that this kind of instrumental music can be enjoyed both as music to sit and listen to, as well as live music, and I am very keen on finding out if my music can be a part of the mature listener’s collection.
Translation: David Young

On Saturday, 8th April, I released the first CD I have made in my own name.

The CD consists of 13 instrumental tunes that I have composed over a period of thirteen years.

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Photo of the CD inlay card page 1 and 2.